Co-creating Transdisciplinary STEM-to-STEAM Pedagogical Innovations through Connecting International Learning Communities


The STEAM-Connect project focuses on new innovative methods for STEAM education and through this initiates the acquisitions of new skills and competencies for both teachers and students. We aim to develop and trial, closely working together with the participant teachers, innovative STEAM resources and pedagogies for school education making student learning more inspiring and meaningful. STEAM-Connect aspires to utilise a range of open and innovative practices through mostly open-source or affordable digital tools such as GeoGebra, Sonic Pi, Raspberry Pi, as well as new technologies such as 3D printing, Augmented and Virtual Realities, and robotics etc. The project team already has extensive experiences in research and development of digital resources and tools. In addition, we aim to utilise Arts-related pedagogies to foster learning in schools. Finally, through getting experiences in STEAM education development as well as immersing teachers in educational and design research, their teaching profile and professional prestige are being raised so as the teachers’ who get involved in STEAM-Connect related activities besides the project participants.